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Ian Newton


  • Collins Press ,1985
  • Kurzbeschreibung: The New Naturalist Library was founded in 1942 'to interest the general reader in the wildlife of Britain by recapturing the enquiring spirit of the old naturalists'. Over 40 years on, with more than 90 titles published, that aim remains the key to the success of this authoritative series. Many of the earlier volumes have become unobtainable, except as valuable collectors' items. Yet they are important classics - natural histories that opened up a quite new field of study, or which stand as a unique record of original field work and research. To make these books availalbe again at a price within the reach of the student and general reader, the publishers now present a series of selected volumes in limpbound editions. Each will contain unaltered the text and line illustrations of the most recent printing, but the process of manufacture used to achieve an economic price does not, unfortunately, do full justice to all the photographs; and those originally in colour appear in black and white.
  • ISBN-100002190893
  • ISBN-139780002190893
  • Buchformat, EinbandtypGr. 8° (22,5-25 cm), Softcover
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  • Medium, Sprache, SchriftBuch, Englisch, Latein (normal)
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